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    More than 50 years ago the evolution of United Europe with common humanistic values of a freedom, democracy, constitutional state, social justice and tolerance, careful relations to different cultural and multilanguage heritage was started. There are 50 years of fruitful cooperation in framework of European Cultural Convention was fulfilled in 2004 year. This Convention promoted an active cooperation of European countries in the field of further development of common European educational, cultural and scientific space.

    Major idea of present project is saving European cultural heritage for future generation by creation digital archival repository of ancient books and manuscripts are represented as unique historical and culture objects.

    Many libraries in different countries have a lot of ancient books were not studied in detail, in spite of the fact that they have great interest for specialists. Major problem here is limited access for these books because of special conditions of books’ storage (security, air-conditioning, humidity, temperature mode etc.) are necessary. Moreover, direct contact may cause damage of ancient books. The project goal is create digital copies of ancient books and manuscripts and save on special computer server – digital electronic repository. Everybody may have access to different repository’s sections through Internet. So, the information from repository will be open not only for scientists (linguists, historians, archaeologists etc.) – it will be accessible through Internet for all human population on the Earth. Ancient languages specialists will have access to digital copies of books are written on same languages but in different countries and in different historical periods. It opens new high effective possibility for studying languages, history and European culture. Using this repository in educational process in different organizations (universities, institutions) allows essentially increase the quality level of education.

    The Scientific library in Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University (KNTSU) named by Mykhailo Maksymovych who was first Rector of the university was choused as starting point to fill the repository. There are over 11000 old printed books in 16–18 centuries in different European countries (German, France, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands and other) stored in the library funds. Among these books were printed on Latin, German, French, Italian, Old Slavonic and Hebraic languages. Subjects of these books are different and practically covered all European scientific, cultural and public activities in 16–18 century including religion, history, philosophy, mathematics, belles-lettres, astronomy, medicine etc.

    One of the first ancient books in KNTSU library is incunabulum printed in Venice, 1497 year on Latin language. Next one ought to point are ancient imprints dated of beginning of 15 century were printed in Venice, Paris and other European cities. Also KNTSU Scientific library have publications by first European printers of 16–17 century (Elzevir, Plantena etc.).

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